Saturday, June 20, 2009

Change location of pagefile.sys

As pagefile.sys some times have big memory becouse of that our C drive free space becomes very low and we got lots of problem while installing a new software so the only option we get is change the size of pagefile.sys or location but how here is its answer:

Right click on Computer and click properties the following window will open

At the uper left there is a 4th option "Advanced system settings" click this option following window will open:

In the area of Performance click the button "Settings" and go to "Advanced" tab of that new open window:

Cick "Change" button:

As my pagefile is in E drive and on system managed size. Here u can chose a drive and clicking on custom size you can give your own size. System managed size will give size according to need and by clicking no paging you can delete the pagefile.sys from the selected drive. After doing the settings click the "Set" button and then click ok ok and then restart you PC after restart your pagefile.sys settings will change.

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