Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Free Web space for Hosting ( 500 MB )

Do You Know you can acquire web hosting space of 500 MB for free. Which you can use to share your Photos, songs or other files links. There is no need to Register or Sign in to download or view these Files =)

You can access this blog with www.helpopedia.ueuo.com too =)

just visit www.ueuo.com and register a free domain. You can upload your website too with databases because it provide you support of phpmyadmin. To upload your files you can use their own FTP server or Filezilla or any other.

just upload a file say abc.zip and you can share link of this file as www.your_domain_name.ueuo.com/abc.zip

or you can make folders to arrange your files and can share links:

Make Free accounts and share your files with your Friends.

p.s. There is a limit of 10 mb on a file size. if you have a large file to upload then you can use WinRar to split your files within size of 10 mb and in this way you can share files with size larger then 10 mb =)

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