Thursday, June 18, 2009


Basic Purpose of starting this Blog is not to earn some money from Google ads as everyone do. Money earned through these ads is also not so big for which we waste our time.

Purpose of this blog is to make a platform where we can put simple and easy to understand tutorials. there can be any Topic of these tutorials.
for example:

*How to write a simple "Hello World Program" in any language.
*How to handle windows Registry.
*Guide to Choose which anti virus.
*How to perform wuddu and offer prayers.
*How to apply effects on your Photographs.

We all take help from internet related to our assignments and websites but no one ever try to keep this chain alive to help their juniors. it will take not more than 15 minutes to write a simple tutorial on a topic.

I have a team of 10 people and our target is to post 500 tutorials on any topic which can be helpful. Please contact us if you are interested and be part of our team. Their is no restriction of very good English skills or experience. if you even write tutorials in Urdu still you are targeting 40% population of world as Pakistani, Indians and Bengali people can read Urdu to some extent.

Interested People please mail me there name and email id so i can add them in list of people who can make posts.

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