Friday, July 24, 2009

How to Extract Audio (.mp3) From a Video

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 because i JUST tried this software out. Now you can extract the audio from the videos of your favourite songs which you cannot find in .mp3 format anywhere else!

1. First of all go to Under the free audio/video conversion softwares, click on download link infront of "Free Video to MP3 Converter".

2. Click on the download link. A window will appear. Click on "Run". Another window will appear telling you that the publisher could not be verified. Ignore it. Click on "Run" again.

3. Now comes the part of installing the software. And trust me installing a software is not as hard as you think. A 5-year old can do it. Its only a process that asks you to click on the following: "next-next-I Accept-next-install-finish". So on the window that appears next has a next button. Click on it.

4. Then comes the location of the file. If you want to change it click on 'browse' and choose the location where you want to put the folder for this software. Click on Next.

5. Click on "Install". It'll start installing. Click on finish and the software will be launched.

6. Click on the browse button beneath the Input Files. Select the video file you want to convert to mp3. Beneath the output folder, the location of the mp3 version will be given. If you want to change it click on browse and select another location. Under Presets there are different quality types in which the output will come out as. I prefer standard quality. Choose as you like and click on convert.

7. Voila!! Enjoy the audio version.

Cheers!! :)

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  1. The minute details are for the beginners and learners. I'm sure the rest of you can download and install the software conveniently :)