Monday, July 13, 2009

Interview Tips

1. Be presentable, avoid casual clothes. Wear a tie atleast. Suit fits best.

2. It starts with your email address: crazy_girl@, MachoDude@ are a definite NO. It shows the person is casual and careless.

3. There is always a instruction in the job posting. Like a particular naming convention of the attached CV. A specific subject to the application email. This shows how well you can understand simple instructions. Only followers are considered for the job.

4. Job location. If the job says LHR candidates only, it is for a reason. It means you might have to work in shifts. No Holidays on Eid probably. You can be called anytime.

5. Keep your CV short and precise. If you do not have experience dont write it. It is important that you should be able to defend everything written in your CV. Explain your project. Your subjects. Avoid pictures in the CV for a technical job atleast.

6. There should be no repetition on the CV. It should have your alternate phone number. Your complete address. Its better if it doesnt exceed 2 pages especially if you are fresh in the market.

7. Sharpness of the candidate during the test is generally observed. Scoring good doesnt mean you can work hard.

8. If you make it to the interview and when called for it be alert. If you are not available say so, generally interviews can be re-scheduled.

9. Bring your CV with you in a file cover. Bring a pen.

10. Let the interviewer complete his question and then answer.

11. Be alive during the interview.

12. If you don't know something say "I don't know" but don't say it wasn't taught in your university. You are fresh you cannot know everything.

13. In an interview generally you are being tested for your attitude, willingness, ability to communicate, ability to work in a team rather than your knowledge.

14. In an interview turn off your mobile. Do not set in on vibrator, it might distract you.

15. Smile, be friendly.

16. DO NOT challenge the interviewer.

17. If asked about your masters say i don't have any plans yet. Dont say in 12-18 months i'll go for masters.

18. Ask friends about the pay-scale prior to the interview.

19. After the interview shake hands. Look dominant. Thank them for their time.

20. And remember what Sedra says, she's always right :P

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