Sunday, July 19, 2009

Program a Fake Computer Virus in 60 Seconds =)

Today we will create a Program which is a fake virus that will reboot your system even bypassing Anti virus.

1. Open your notepad and write down the following code, shutdown -r -t 5 -c "Your computer is diseased.LaLalaLALALaLlala.Byeeee!! Byee!!!"

  • The " -r" tells your computer system to restart or reboot.
  • the " -t" command determines how much countdown time before system reboot, the number that follows the command in " -t 5" is the specified time in seconds you allot before the system automatically reboots. The number could be anything you want to specify like 10 seconds, in this example we put in a 5 second countdown.
  • The " -c" command in the program, lets you create your custom error message, think of something that would alarm the owner of the computer.

2. Save the program. Select file on your notepad and click "save as." On the dialogue box think of a file name that would catch a person's curiosity and compel that person to click on our little program. In this example we'll use "secrets", and then you need to append the name with ".bat", so you'll saving the program like this, secrets.bat. Click the save button.

3. Test the fake computer virus. Click the shortcut or icon of the program you just saved to run the program. You'll get the custom error message you created and a countdown timer. At the end of the countdown your computer will automatically reboot.

4. To stop the program select Start then click Run. You can stop the program from rebooting your computer by selecting Start then select Run. In the dialogue box type in "shutdown -a", this will prevent the program from continuing.

This fake computer virus is a harmless prank you can pull on your friends. Copy and transfer the file to their computer, hide it somewhere other than the desktop. Once it is hidden, right-click the file and choose "Send To" then select "Desktop (create shortcut). Go to the shortcut you created on the desktop then right-click it and select properties. On the Shortcut tab click the "Change Icon" button and choose an icon like the internet explorer icon. This will make it look like an innocent icon =))

Or you can attach this program with startup of users computer. User will never b able to start his/her computer or you can attach it in autorun.inf file of any drive or Flash Drive wheneva user will click on drive his/her PC will restart =)) i m saving this for next tutorial =D

P.S. batch files can be very dangerous Programs. They Can shutdown, Restrat, or even Format Your Hard Drive with out and prompt message. I m not sharing format commands as they can be dangerous. Just Enjoy with these fun commands.

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