Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vector Masking using Adobe Fireworks.

Wow fireworks make's vector masking a child's play, first of all I have to tell you what is vector mask "vector mask is a gradient mask which used to hide a portion of image with some solid color, this solid color have two transparency points in first point the opacity is 100 % and in second point the opacity level is on O% percent, the revealed area of the image is under 0% opacity”. Vector mask are usually used to merge more than two images in a single image.
Now we start this tutorial.

Step 1:

Select an image

Step 2:

Place a rectangle block using Rectangle Tool (or press U) behind the image, which is equal to the desired banner width.

Step 3:

Toggle image and rectangle block position, by using layer palette or Ctrl + keys

Step 4:

  • Use Marquee tool to select area of the image and crop it, we used ruler to make sure that we select required height.
  • Under properties panel we have all properties of a Marquee, which we can adjust as per our requirement.

After Cropping we have this result.

Step 5

Go to command select creative option then select Auto Vector mask.

After selecting Auto vector mask a panel open with following mask options

Select your desired mask option and press Apply button.
OK below image I have done few steps together but below image help you to find out what all I have done.
These two handles visible on image (we also pointed one of them a circle) are used to control mask position and opacity level.
Under the properties panel we have all vector mask options.
Vector mask layer is also highlighted in Layer Palette.

Step 6:

After final adjustment of Vector mask, we put some text on Banner.
Good Luck, I hope that you will learn Vector mask with this simple Tutorial. Please give your feedback to help me to make things better.

At the end of this tutorial i am thank full to Makeup Forever for their image contribution and for their fonts.

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