Friday, June 19, 2009

Punk buster kicking you out every time u enter the game(using Vista)

Most of the people having problem while playing online games that :
"i enter the Game and Punkbuster kick me out"
Most of the people dont have its answer but here it is
1. you are cheating using any helping thing like wall hacking etc
2. If you r not cheating then you have this problem which is as follows
Go to your "control panal" and then to "Windows Firewall"

At the left of this window the 2nd option says "Allow a proram through Windows firewall" click this option following window will open

Here check the PnkBstrA and PnkBstrB and click OK and restart you PC. Now Punkbuster will not kick u out Insha Allah

if these options are not present there then you have to install punk buster and then enable these options
For your help i m giving you a link for download Punk buster installer:

3. If you having problem that Punk buster kicks you out becouse of punk buster then you have to update its version by using punk buster software by adding the game in this software and check for update it will check the updates and download it. to download this software the link is:

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