Friday, June 19, 2009

Have a check on internet Speed(only for LAN connection)

This is very important thing while using internet (DSL) you need to know if the provider of your dsl are giving you the speed you are paying for. For that the best software is NetMeter. Download Link for this software:

Now what about settings the NetMeter will appear you can chang the location by draging it
There is a new icon near to clock in task bar right click it

click option Following window will open

So i use 80 visible and fade out if the mouse come over it so that i can se the thinks behind it and can click through ti becouse its alway on top as i have selected it. You can do you setting as u want check that option use old display unit so that it will calculate in KB.

Now go to next tab that is graph tab you get the following window:

if you check autoscale graph it will change according to the maximum speed you get. As you know the speed of your dsl so we select it by Bandwidth. if you dont able to find it as there is no option for 1MBps speed so you have to give 1000000 for 1MB. Select the Kilobyte(1kB = 1000Byte) in all display unit
These where the necessary Settings for NetMeter you can edit the settings in other tabs but they are not necessary.
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