Saturday, August 1, 2009

How To Interpret Dreams

The idea that dreams have meanings is not new. But despite this, dream interpretation continues to attract interest from a lot of people. Besides, it is really interesting to know what it means to dream of a lilac flower, big tidal waves, or snakes. So, how can one interpret dreams? The answer to that is as complicated as the dream itself. But one thing is for sure, dream interpretation varies from one person to another.

If you really want to have the best interpretation for your dreams, then following the guide from psychics is the best you can do.

1. Create a journal for your dreams. Just write everything you remember, from the most obvious to the most obscure, in this journal. It is best to write dream journals as soon as you can so you still have all the dream details in mind.

2. Write down how you felt when the dream happened. For example, were you scared or not when a snake appeared in your dream?

3. Interpret the meaning of each object in your dream. What does the snake mean to you? If it's your greatest fear, then why did it appear in your dream? Perhaps you saw a snake in your garden and that made you feel so afraid. But dream interpretation will be a lot more complicated if there are more than two objects in your dream. For example, aside from the snake, your dream may have shown your child, a city, flowers, and a hut. Each of these objects must be representing something in your life. Try to give each object your own interpretation. Flowers could be a peaceful place. Your child could mean a reminder of your obligation as a parent. The hut and the city could mean your want to travel the world. These objects may have also appeared in other people's dreams. But their interpretation can be different from you because each of these objects could have different personal meanings.

4. Rewrite your dream with your own interpretation. For the example above, it could mean you want to go out and explore the world. However, you have the fear to leave your child alone because you know that she is your responsibility. If in real life you really want to travel but your responsibility hinders you, then that interpretation makes sense. Perhaps the snake in your dream is a reality bite telling you that you can't travel because you have to prioritize your obligations.

Telling your dream to someone else, like a psychic friend, can help in interpreting your dreams, too. Also, it's good to know that there are two kinds of dreams: physical or mystical. But they're more often physical than mystical. The latter happens very rarely for each person, once or sometimes never in a lifetime.

Some psychics even claim that mystical dreams are usually out-of-body experiences. If you believe that the soul is separate from the body, then you must believe that having this mystical experience is possible through dreams.

Keep in mind also that this dream interpretation guide is not new. It has been used by many psychics and just like them, you can be expert in interpreting dreams. You only need constant practice to do that.

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