Saturday, August 1, 2009

Why We Dream?

Everyone needs and wants to sleep. With sleeping you can revive your energy that you used throughout the day. Part of sleeping is having a dream. You may experience a very nice and beautiful dream like dreaming about your special someone or your goals in life but you may also have a tremendously bad dream, which is usually called as nightmare. You may wonder why people dream or where dreams came from or if your dream has any meaning.

You dream because you have a brain—a dream is just an output of your brain activity while you are sleeping. Your brain is in constant activity even when you're sleeping, so you dream. When your mind and brain are at rest, the brain tends to review your emotions, thoughts, ideas, actions and interactions stored in your short term memory. At the same time your mind is also processing your beliefs, principles and psychic intuitions. When you're in the subconscious stage this data is processed so it forms a mini screen play which is what you call a dream. Some may call professionals just to interpret their dreams but this article will clear the fog on your mind about dreams.

1. A dream is a chain of images, ideas, experiences, emotions and much more; though dreams don't have consistent series of images, experiences and scenarios. It usually portrays a different scenario from time to time; however, there are some people that dream about the same picture every time they sleep but still this phenomena doesn't last long. People who experience it may just think same thing is on their mind every time they sleep so the tendency is that their dreams re-occur.

2. Based on ancient time, dreams seem to be meaningful and a sign from God. Our ancestors believed that through dreams, they could discover the spiritual message of God or maybe predictions of the future.

3. Dreams are subjective, so contrary to what Sigmund Freud and ancient people believed, dreams don't have any symbols hidden, so no one can interpret your dreams. You're the only one who can discover why you dream a certain kind of vision. You may have a dream about past experiences or about your desires or even dream about weird things; all of these depend on you and the capacity of your brain and mind to process data.

4. A dream is just a product of constant activity of the brain so dreams can also be defined as the unity of body, state of being, mind, beliefs and religion while you sleep.

Don't be too intrigued about your dreams. It may or may not give you a significant meaning, but it's still a dream. What is more important is that you wake up each morning and fill your minds with some new, happy memories. Being alive and experiencing the blessings in this world are much more wonderful experiences than dreaming about your desires and goals. So don't just dream, do something to chase your dreams and you will definitely be happy.

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