Saturday, June 20, 2009

Free Online Newspapers

Reading Newspaper keeps you aware of your surroundings. People pay 10 rps daily to read Newspaper. What if you have a internet and you want to read 4 most famous newspaper of Pakistan for free.

Yes Express, Nawa-e-Wakt and Jang provide you facility to read daily newspaper for free. For Express You can read online newspaper for free but for Jang you have to create an account which is absolutely free =)

A shocking news about Express is that it provide you facility to read newspaper from Jul 26, 2006 till today =)). If you have missed anything or you want to check what happened on that day you can read complete newspaper, articles and magazines for that day.

One more Intresting thing about Express is that newspaper we get at our home reached 7 in morning but on eExpress newspaper is available from 5 in morning =))

Now question is what to do to read these Newspapers

For Express:

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